Finding Angel

Book 1


When their mom is dying, Jemma has to find her sister. But doing so changes her life forever.

Growing up the Gaines sisters had a tough life, and Tara moved away leaving Jem alone. Now Jemma has to find her before their mom loses her life.

Jem’s surprised when she finds her sister taking her clothes off for a living. Tara works for the Angels’ Fury MC strip club. Jemma doesn’t account for the MC president, Angel.

As soon as Angel sets eyes on the beauty she turns his life upside down. With her sexy body and her sassy mouth, he knows he’s in trouble.

A spur of the moment decision sees Jemma stripping on the stage. It’s not something she wants to do, but if it buys her sister time to see their mom, then she’ll do it.

However, Angel isn’t as happy to see her on his stage as he thought he would be.

Has Angel met his match? Will Jemma make it home in time to see her mom?


Claiming Angel

Book 2

Amazing sex doesn’t always make a relationship. But it helps.

After a hot night Angel wakes to find Jemma gone. He’s frustrated and tries to track her down. No one stays in his bed and yet she just walked away. He’s not happy.

When Jemma gets a call to say her mom doesn’t have long she just gets up and leaves Angel behind.

When an old enemy comes to visit, Jemma and Tara get more than they bargained for.

Angel and his brothers arrive at Jemma’s house to see the aftermath of the girl’s visitor. Angel can’t believe someone touched his woman.

When Angel’s Fury makes an enemy of the new Chief of Police, Angel has to leave Jemma behind and alone. It might be his biggest mistake.

Can Jemma and Angel find a way to be together? Or are Jemma’s insecurities going to end them before they even get started?


Trusting Angel

Book 3


Angel’s Fury MC has a dangerous enemy. One that’s trying to bring the entire club down, starting with Angel’s woman.

When Angel realizes who the enemy is, it’s a race against time to try and stop him before he gets too close to Jemma.

As Jemma recovers in hospital, Angel has to find a way to bring down the enemy without drawing attention to the club. He needs to ensure that there’s no blowback on Jemma.

His brothers will do anything to protect his woman and for once violence isn’t the answer.

Can Angel keep his woman safe? Or will his enemy destroy the only woman he’s ever loved?

Loving Angel

Book 4


Living in an MC Clubhouse is new to Jemma, but she stakes her claim from the outset. No one touches her man.

As Angel and Jemma start their life together Jemma has to overcome the life of being an old lady to the residence of a MC.

Not being included in the business of the club frustrates her and she tells Angel she wants a job. Angel wants his woman and he’s not sure he’s ready to let her go yet.

However, Jemma isn’t like any woman that Angels had before.