The Confessions series

Short erotic romance stories

Each story is a standalone and focuses on a different couple. Please note, some of these stories are MFM as well as MF.

Confessions of A maid.jpg

Confessions of a Maid

Book 1

Working as a maid wasn't what Krista wanted to do with her life, but it's the only thing she can do.

She was warned about room 757. The tales about the men in that room were like a myth.

Until Krista steps foot into it and her life changes.

Will Krista give in to the men?

Confessions of A Gynaecologist.jpg

Confessions of a Gynaecologist

Book 2

Dr. Dane Benson is a world renowned Gynaecologist.

He's professional.... Until her. Lara White.

Will Dane give into the temptation?

Confessions of A solider.jpg

Confessions of a Soldier

Book 3

Staff Sergeant Jenson Miller moves to a new base in Afghanistan and he’s hoping that he can complete this tour and then move back home to look after his parents.

The last thing he expects to find in the desert and a dusty cave is love. But when he first sets eyes on Corporal Wilson, he doubts his decision to leave.

Corporal Tilly Wilson has met a lot of men during her tours of duty, but none of them have ever caught her eye. When she first sees Jenson, he sets her heart on fire.

But their time together is coming to an end when Jenson leaves to fulfil his familial duty.

For the first time in his life he now knows what his family and friends felt like when he went off on tour. He just prays that Tilly comes home to him in one piece.

Their love is hot, heavy and quick, but what happens when Tilly comes home to visit Jenson? Will things still be the same? How will Jenson cope with letting her go again for her next tour?

Confessions of A Santa.jpg

Confessions of A Santa

Book 4

Greg thinks his day is going to be boring when he rocks in late for work. But his life is going to change when he puts on a red suit with black books and a white beard.

Tish has always liked Greg from afar, but now that he’s going to be working for her she wonders if she will come clean and admit her feelings.

With a lot of festive cheer, sexy costumes and some Christmas magic, this short and sexy Christmas love story will leave you wanting more.

Can Tish keep her hands off the new sexy Santa? Or does she want to play out every fantasy she has in her head?

With a ho, ho, ho and a merry Christmas, can Greg and Tish make it through this festive period and into the next one?

Confessions of A CO-WORKER.jpg

Confessions of a Co-worker

Book 5

After Hailey’s bad start to the year she’s hoping that she can see it out in style. When she bumps into her hot co-worker in the club on New Year’s Eve she’s surprised when he talks to her. She’s surprised he even knows who she is.

Carter can’t believe that the woman he has been trying his hardest to stay away from, is here in the same club as him on New Year’s Eve. He knows that he can’t keep his feelings to himself any longer. He’s making his move tonight and she’d better be ready for him.

After a bitter divorce, an abused relationship and not being able to have a baby, Hailey wants to wave goodbye to her old self and say hello to the new, improved and extremely sexy new Hailey. Is Carter the man who can take on this new goddess?

As their encounter in the club heats up, Hailey’s never felt so free. Their connection is strong and she’s not going to stop herself from enjoying Carter as she brings in the new year. Maybe this year will be better than the last. It sure couldn’t be any worse.

Can Carter be the man she wants? As her new year begins her life changes completely - will she be able to make it work?

Confessions of A Step-Sister.jpg

Confessions of a Step-sister

Book 6

How can something feel so right.... yet be so wrong?

When Jenna returns home for labor weekend after four years of being away, she's expecting to catch up with her step-family.

But one look at her step-brother, Cole, has Jenna wanting things she shouldn't.

When the desire between her and Cole sizzles, will she be able to fight the attraction?

Or does she give in and take everything that Cole has to offer her?

Confessions of A COP.jpg

Confessions of a Cop

Book 7


RELEASE DATE: February 26th