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Quick Snap Novella


End Zone

End Zone is part of Kristen Proby's With Me in Seattle Universe.

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What happens when your soulmate leaves when you need him most?

Katie gave herself to Garret, her brothers’ best friend and then he walked out of her life a few days later. She’s never gotten over him and she’s never moved on. When she gets the phone call that her dreams are made of, she starts her new life in Seattle. As a cheerleader for the Seattle Football Club. Maybe it’s time for Katie to move on, finally.

Garret went through hell years ago and regrets leaving Katie behind, but he needed to get away from the memories surrounding him. He went to college and has now been offered a coaching job for his favorite team. And there’s not one day that he doesn’t think about Katie.

When these two meet on and off the field the chemistry is off the charts, but with their past and the no dating the cheerleader rule, life is about to become interesting.

Can Katie forgive Garret for leaving her? Does she trust he will stay this time? Will her heart survive another break-up? Is she prepared to give up the job of her dreams for the man she loves?

Club Temptation Novella

Law of Temptation

Law of Temptation is part of Kristen Proby’s With Me in Seattle Universe.

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One dominant woman in the boardroom. One dominant Master in the sex club.

Emme has worked hard to get where she is. She’s had to prove herself as a woman in a man’s world. Her law firm has seen how good she is and when she is offered a chance at a high profile case, she takes them up on it. She is always in control and she likes to dominate a room when she’s in it.

When her friend offers to take her to Club Temptation she jumps at the chance of a good night out. She doesn’t realise what kind of club it is. But she’s game for anything. Or so she thinks.

Logan has been assigned a high profile case and when he meets with the opposing law firm he’s shocked to see a woman in the room. After mistaking her for a secretary and her putting him in his place, he recognises the fire in her eyes. He is attracted to her and funnily enough, her dominance in the boardroom.

After a hot night with Logan in Club Temptation, Emme worries that he would want to dominate all aspects of her life. She can’t deal with that. She needs to be fierce at work and she’s happy to be submissive in the bedroom. But he’s like a drug that she has become addicted to.

Can these two dominant people make it work? Or will Emme’s wish to be taken seriously in her work life force them apart?