Loving The Boss Series

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Seduced by the Boss

Book 1

Passion. Taboo. Betrayal.

When Saylor goes to Vegas for a bachelorette weekend, she doesn’t expect to see her secret crush, Everett Barrett. Otherwise known as her boss.

Everett can’t believe his eyes when he sees his sexy assistant, Saylor, walking into the bar he is in. She looks sexy and he knows that he can’t ignore his feelings any longer.

After a sexy dance, he takes her back to his suite for a night that neither of them will forget.

But when Saylor doesn’t hear from him the next day, she knows that it’s going to be awkward at work. She’s right. Everett ignores her.

After weeks of being ignored, she’s shocked to see Everett at her front door. But he’s the one in for a shock when she tells him what happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas.

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Pregnant by the Boss

Book 2

Secrets. Lies.

After finding Everett on her doorstep, she knows that she needs to tell him the truth. She’s pregnant with his baby.

Luckily, Everett is delighted but first they have to address the reasons why they haven’t spoken in weeks. Since Vegas.

Saylor confronts her friend to find out why she tried to sabotage her happiness.

After going back to work, Saylor gets frustrated by Evererr’s mother pushing Zara on him.

How much does she trust Everett? When she finds him in a compromising position she runs rather than confronting him. Unfortunately, running has serious consequences.

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Betrayed by the Boss

Book 3


After seeing Everett’s betrayal first hand we join Saylor as she is fighting for her life. When Everett doesn’t come to visit her in the hospital until the next day she thinks the worst.

Everett makes things right and he’s all in with their relationship, until Saylor brings up his mother. Saylor is upset because he won’t tell his mother about her, he keeps asking for time.

What neither of them know is that his mother is totally aware of their situation. She makes this known to Saylor at the same time as making her an offer she can’t refuse. Or can she?

She writes him an emotional letter just before walking away from the love of her life.

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The Boss

Book 3.5

For the first time we see things from Everett’s pov, and we join him when he’s having dinner with his mother. A few days later he walks into his house to find a Dear John letter.

We follow his emotions as he reads the letter for the first time. After drowning in his own sorrows for a few days he comes around and decides that he needs to find out what happened to make her leave.

After watching a play-by-play of his mother’s visit, Everett knows what he needs to do. Get his family back.

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Married to the Boss

Book 4

Saylor has been living with her best friend, Cassie, for two weeks and during that time she has not heard from Everett once. She thought he might have reached out to her, even in anger. But it looks like his mother was right, she wasn’t good enough for him.

When Everett finally turns up in the least expected place Saylor can’t understand how she was ever able to walk away from him.

After talking through their issues, Everett tells her that he loves her and wants her back. He will do whatever it takes to have his family back together.