Sexting the Boss

Sexting The Boss CR.jpg

A night of heavy drinking ends up with some saucy texts.

After a heavy night drinking, Arianna came home with a phone number for a guy, Dale who she had hooked up with in the bathroom of the club.

She decided to text him straight away before she chickened out. After telling him that she wanted him, she climbs into bed and waits eagerly for a reply as she watches the little dots going around.

When she receives a raunchy reply she can’t help but smile. This guy is turning out to be something she that she needed.

After sexting every day with Dale, their texts get even more risqué and when he asks for pictures she draws a line. Until she’s feeling horny and sends him pictures and he sends them in return.

While she is answering these texts at work she notices her boss acting strangely. When he asks her if she knows his name, she thinks he’s really lost the plot. Until she looks up his full name.

Damn. His name is Dale Winters, she has always called him Mr Winters.

When the lightbulb goes off in her head she checks her phone and realises it’s his number, she is mortified and runs out of the office.

Does he follow her?
Does she lose her job?
Or does her sexy boss want her as much as he told her he did?